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Rich from Brooklyn NY | Scuba Diver



Daryl_Bob - 1/25/2018 4:57 PM
Hey Richie, Thanks for the request. Good to meet another Brooklyn based diver. I’m near Prospect Park. You?
Do you dive locally or all over?
RichieRich1042 - 1/25/2018 9:08 PM
Hey Daryl...No worries and I agree. I’m over in Brighton Beach next to Coney Island. I moved here about 2 years ago from Jersey. Haven’t dove locally in a while and mainly a travel diver as I haven’t had a buddy in a long time. You?
Daryl_Bob - 1/25/2018 9:39 PM
I’m also mostly a travel diver but would like to do some more local diving. Well you got a buddy now. You might also like to checkout the Sea Gypsies. An NYC dive club