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Michael from Caddo Mills TX | Scuba Diver

Damn-Hippie is a PADI Master Scuba Diver, enjoys candlelight dinners, and prefers dogs over cats any day of the week...

I have extensive saltwater diving experience, but very little freshwater. I used to live in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and dove Desecheo and Mona Islands almost daily for two years. I have dove off Mexico, Belize, and Greece as well.

I quit diving for a few years as my wife was concerned about me pushing the limits and having just adopted our first daughter and she didnt want to be a single mother if I got myself killed. I have since grown up, and am no longer the risk taker I once was in many things.

We plan to move back to PR in a few years, and I want diving to be my pastime in retirement, so am getting back into the water so to speak. I dive long hose bp/w now but was strictly bcd for the majority of my experience. My logbooks were lost in the move back to the states (as well as my Land Rover) but memory says my last entry was 669 dives.

I get along with most people, but have strict personal policies against diving, flying, driving, skydiving, or hunting if any partying has been going on in the last 24 hours. Wont do it myself, or with anyone else who has. Otherwise, I’m open minded, and love to have a good time.