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Alex from Logan Twp NJ | Scuba Diver

I’m a rescue diver from South Jersey, and I do most of my diving at Dutch Springs. On the weekends I’m usually working my regular job and/or helping with dive classes, but I’d like to find dive buddies for when I’m free on Mondays, and maybe the occasional Sunday when I’m not busy. I’m not picky about a buddy’s experience level, I’ll dive with just about anyone. I’m also interested in other dive sites in the area too.


PhilW - 12 days 15 hours ago.
A couple of guys and I are going to Dutch Springs this Sunday 11/12 if you are interested.
AMerritt - 11 days 19 hours ago.
I’ll be at Dutch on Sunday but I’ll be helping out with a class. I appreciate the invite though!
PhilW - 10 days 17 hours ago.
No problem. Well maybe we can at least meet up and introduce ourselves. So far I have 4 other people that say they will be there Sunday. I should be there around 10am.
AMerritt - 9 days 22 hours ago.
That sounds good. My class is meeting at 8, we’re going to do our 3 dives pretty quick and be done with it. I can probably meet up in the early to mid afternoon. Send me a text tomorrow and let me know where you guys are set up. 856-381-2685
PhilW - 9 days 14 hours ago.
Sounds good.
AMerritt - 9 days 5 hours ago.
I’m still here at Dutch for a little bit longer if you guys want to meet up. Just let me know
PhilW - 8 days 11 hours ago.
Sorry Alex I forgot my cell phone at home and I could remember your name. We got there around 11am left around 4pm. I saw what looked like 2 classes on the student side. We were on the peninsula. We will have to catch up another time.
AMerritt - 8 days 10 hours ago.
No worries, see you next season! You probably saw us, we were the group directly above the staircase next to the big blue pickup and green/gold wagon. Hope you guys had a good day!