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Russell from Williamsport PA | Scuba Diver

1000 Islands area is my favorite area to dive.....
Lets dive...........Im a dive addict




rumbubbas - 11/19/2013 7:57 AM
& Im planning a week in 1000 islands to wreck dive dive dive!
rumbubbas - 11/19/2013 7:56 AM
my son & I are planning FL panhandle in june/july to dive wrecks in gulf..& if financially doable possible a stop in NC to see a Sub off coast.
rustymich - 12/24/2011 1:54 PM
Anyone planning anything North Carolina,Florida next year ????????
uc3307 - 5/13/2008 7:18 PM
Believe it or not it’s not as bad as it seems. However you learn a lot about your equiptment and how to use it hands free, because the gloves are so thick is hard to do anything.
mcc2318 - 2/26/2008 5:59 PM
I was on something called a MET Team, we trained the iraqi army
65300 - 2/11/2008 9:23 AM
ScottPadipro - 1/27/2008 9:34 PM
LOL Ya diving a rebreather means that you have to be prepared for a malfunction. That means carrying a bailout tank with an open circuit regulator as well as decompression gas incase there is a problem and you can`t complete the dive on the rebreather. In that picture we had just finished a dive to 120 feet for 75 minutes on the Spiegel Grove which required another 30 minutes of decompression. If me or my dive buddy would have had to make an open circuit ascent it would have required us to use 3 different gasses to complete the decompression. The first would have been a mix of 21% oxygen and 35% Helium, to get us to a shallower depth then a switch to 50% nitrox to start our decompression and finally to O2 to finish our deco without having to spend several hours in the water trying to decompress.
Where are you planning to go when you visit Florida? If you make it to Ft. Lauderdale give me a shout and maybe we can set up a dive or two.
badintexas - 1/27/2008 5:09 PM
Absolutely! Plenty of land. Close to the Blue Lagoon.. I think we should do it! (thanks for commenting) Have a great week!
Babs - 1/14/2008 5:21 PM
well there is a trip one day lobstering and 3 days wreck diving Oct 9-12