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Angela from Pocola OK | Scuba Diver



Angela56 - 2/23/2018 2:12 PM
Still looking for a buddy to dive in Cozumel March 21-27
crowdog6 - 3/06/2018 9:22 AM
Angela, I did get your message and I really to go the dates just don’t work for me right now if it was April 21-27 I’d be there. Read your profile did you just get back from Galapagos if so I’d luv to hear about your trip. I’m going with a friend next year with a friend we both turn 60 and it’s our BD present to ourselves. We haven’t booked one thing yet so we are open to different experiences etc... Sorry I can’t join you. I know your booked at the SCUBA Club but if you get a break I highly recommend Alejandro Tun Garcia, he’s sort of a private diver goes to the best places in Cozumel. Alex is well respected by all the clubs down there I’ve know him a long time. Have fun an let me know how it was. I’m in Cozumel once a year at least. Terry