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Ray from Canfield OH | Scuba Diver



Old_Minnow - 7/18/2015 5:31 AM
I still haven’t been approved by the admin yet , so I still can not post a comment or message other divers.
Old_Minnow - 7/16/2015 2:15 PM
I have been out of diving for many years since being a PADI Open Water Diving Instructor back in 1979. Now I am thinking very seriously about resuming the sport that I loved so much.A good diving buddy in my area might be all it takes to get me started again.
JeffMazz - 10/06/2015 5:47 AM
Ray. Welcome back. Like you, I learned to dive in the early 70’s. I got PADI & YMCA Scuba Diver Cert. through the Kent State Scuba Club. I was away from diving for nearly 30-yeaers. I started back in 2012, and received Rescue Diver Cert this summerr, and will have Master Diver Cert by November. I was never an instructor. We have a great group of people at Atlantis Outfitters in Barberton. We have a monthly dive all summer, at White Star Quarry & sometimes at Gilboa. We also have a monthly get together in the Norton area. The owner is a PADI Course Director, and the main instructor, Mark McCutchen, is a retired Army Ranger. I do know a couple of divers from East Liverpool & Louisville area who use Treasure Cove Scuba & Ski Chalet in Niles. I do not know much about the Treasure Cove programs. Hope to see you diving soon.
Old_Minnow - 10/06/2015 6:05 AM
Thanks for the speedy comeback Jeff.I hope to visit Atlantis Outfitters sometime soon.Hope to be diving with you all sometime also.The owner sounds interesting as I am an old paratrooper myself.Gotta go feed the critters so hope to talk more later.,Ray
JeffMazz - 10/06/2015 6:18 AM
Mark is not the owner, but he is their main instructor. Mark is working towards Course Director, but is not there yet. He has a great teaching technique, and very knowledgable. Hope to see you soon.