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Doug from New York NY | Scuba Diver

Hi all,

I’m a relatively new diver, looking for an ongoing dive buddy/group of buddies (my social circle just isn’t that into it... insane, but whatever).

Warm-water trips heavy with reefs will always be on the table for me, but I got into the sport equally for wreck diving. Since I’m stuck up in NYC until Silicon Spring bursts forth in Northern Florida, my aim is to learn to, prepare for, and dive deep, cold, poor-conditions (not hoping for extreme cold or poor-conditions, just preparing!) wrecks. I’d love to find some sort of a mentor, or even just a partner to learn with; mostly, I just want a feeling of trust if I’m gonna be anywhere near an overhead in the middle of the Atlantic —and to be honest, I’m not the quickest person to have that feeling, generally speaking.

Oh! And I’m a software engineer most of the week, so if anyone’s doing anything cool with computers/electronics/data that is also diving-related, I’d love to hear about it... also liquor, I’m a tremendous fan of liquor (preferably Mezcal or bourbon), and frankly food, while we’re on the subject of my addictions.