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Hope from Boynton Beach FL | Scuba Diver

I have been a diver for just over 10 years now and have over 100 dives logged. I have been lucky enough to experience some great diving in quite a few wonderful destinations but I live in one of the best dive spots in the world, South Florida. You can’t beat the Keys. Diving is my stress reliever and each time I get in the water, it is better than the last. I gain more knowledge each time I dive.

My other passion is writing. That is how I stumbled upon with the help of Greg Davis. I am the National Water Sports Examiner for (

I also write for another website out of New York and go back and forth throughout the year to cover events. I write on a variety of topics from fashion to entertainment to charity causes to politics to dive destinations and more. ( Check out my writing when you get a chance.

I am excited to become a part of and look forward to taking advantage of everything that the site has to offer.


JudiHope - 10/26/2013 9:10 AM
That is a great idea! Congrats on the success. This will be my next water article for Examiner. Stay tuned. Should be up within the next three days!

Happy Diving......
Greg - 10/26/2013 9:20 AM
Awesome! It’s people like you that help make cool sites like ours so awesome!
Greg - 10/25/2013 9:38 AM
Here is something to consider writing about in your blog:
Greg - 2/04/2013 5:34 PM
Looks like you’re picking up some fans :)
JudiHope - 2/04/2013 7:24 PM
Yes, thank you so much for pulling my articles in to the site. It definitely has gotten me much more exposure and I really appreciate that!
Greg - 2/04/2013 8:04 PM
No problem, just dont forget about us if you are ever looking for some new material :)
JudiHope - 11/28/2012 6:03 AM
Diving is my stress reliever in today’s hectic world.
captcurt - 11/29/2012 8:31 PM
Most definitely true