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Danny from Fort Lauderdale FL | Scuba Diver

I am a retired U.S Marine and love to dive. I am a PADI Open Water Instructor and a USCG Licensed 50 Ton Master Captain and I currently teach and run charters at Gold Coast SCUBA in Ft Lauderdale, FL.


ScubaGrunt - 9/07/2012 11:08 AM
Hey Walt- Did you have a good trip? We will be heading down to Tavenier next Friday. I hope all is well.- Danny
MulletRepublic - 4/04/2012 10:10 PM
Yea sounds great. I don’t know if you know about the boats for rent @ Sigsbee Navy base. They are cheap and they have around 9 in the water ready to go any given day. I didn’t pull my boat the last time I was down there I rented one of theirs. You will get a break on the rate for active duty. 20’ open fisherman with 200 if I recall correctly. You have to take a boat handlers test to rent one and the card is good for one year. Just thought you might like to know. Sigsbee Marina NAS Key West. Check it out you might like it. I hope you all find a place that you like. I think I could just live in a tent down there and be perfectly happy.

ScubaGrunt - 4/05/2012 4:12 AM
Thanks for the tip on that. I wasn’t aware of such an option, that’s really good to know. I agree, I could live in a tent down there also. I actually did for a couple of weeks one time on Largo at the KOA. I wish my travel dates were flexible but as you know in the military not much is. Hopefully our trips can line up around the same time.
MulletRepublic - 4/03/2012 10:01 PM
Danny have you got plans for the August time frame. I live out side Charlotte NC. I plan to go to the Keys and dive for lobster around the first week in August. I’m AOW, Nitrox, ect. I hate to use the word I, but I must. It’s an Army thing. I’m retired Army, so we have some things in common. I also plan to retire in the keys. My second retirement is still a few years away. I have my own boat 22’ OW, great to dive from and my own gear. I normaly meet my friends from my home area St.Pete Fl. I don’t think most of them will make it this year. I know some great areas around Cudjo and Big Pine keys for lobster. I’m looking for folks that will share expenses and like to have fun times diving. Walt Hillyer
ScubaGrunt - 4/04/2012 10:38 AM
Hey Walt, good to hear from you. We are actually going down to Marathon in late August-Early September timeframe to look at property. I doubt I will tow my boat (Triumph 190 Bay) all the way down there. I would be more than happy to dive with you and share expenses of course. I will be done with my DM course in June. My email is Stay in touch and we will put this thing together as we get closer to target. Have a good one.