BenDavid - 9/19/2017 6:35 PM
According to PADI, a "dive" is a swim "at any depth below the surface while breathing compressed gas".
According to ScubaPro, a "dive" is a swim "to at least three feet depth while breathing compressed gas."

I don’ think you’ll find any "official" uniform definition. I don’t log dives when I’m assisting with students, although by any definition they are technically "dives". Everything else I normally log.

I’ve never seen any charter or dive service refuse to accept a dive log because there were no signatures. Obviously if you use a digital dive log (Like ScubaPro LogTrak) and you print out your dive log, it isn’t going to have a signature on those printouts.

I never saw the practical need for the "Need to see your dive log" rule. I can sit down and make a dive log in 20 minutes if I wanted to cheat to meet your requirements. I mean really. How many times has that charter service ever called your buddy on the phone who signed your dive log and asked "Did you really dive with Anthony on the Indra in August of 2004?"