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TUSA regulator set $135 obo
Oceanking - 4/30/2018 3:04 PM
Category: For Sale
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I have tusa RS 350 regs for sale. Have too many regs that I don’t use. Asking $135 obo. Excellent condition. Must be serviced prior to use by a qualified technician. Text me for pictures. I am in Torrance California. 818-860-2020
Like new, in excellent condition.

The RS-350 Imprex regulator is the flagship model of TUSA regulators, possessing a wide variety of functions.

The R-300 first stage delivers a balanced diaphragm system featuring a minimum variation in intermediate pressure in relation to changes in residual tank pressure. The ports (H.P.x2, L.P.x4) feature left-right symmetry for easier tank adjustments, even for novice divers.
Universal swivel hose joint

For optimum performance and comfort, a swivel joint is fitted between the second stage of the RS-350 and the joint section of the low pressure hose. The swivel joint allows flexibility of the hose to eliminate hose tension at the mouthpiece for a more natural and comfortable bite. Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece

The new mouthpiece, developed with engineering in mind, further enhances the comfort of bite, fit, and stability. Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage.

S-50 Air Refresher Filter
An active carbon filter absorbs smells while a metal fiber filter eliminates particles as small as 10 microns, ensuring the diver breathes the cleanest and purest air every breath.


First stage (R-300)

Over-Balanced diaphragm first stage

Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports

Hi-Flow 1/2 inch primary port

Protective Rubber Sleeve

Second stage (S-50)

Universal swivel hose joint

Air Refresher filter delivers the cleanest air every breath

Dynamic airflow hose

All scuba equipment must be serviced by qualified technical before use.
Thank you for looking.
Oceanking - 3/24/2019 9:59 PM