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Scuba Compressors
rustymich - 8/02/2008 6:03 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 5

Looking to buy my own 7g or less anyone have any good leads on where to buy for personal use and lite retail air sales.....
AirOn - 8/04/2008 2:27 PM

Wait for a local dive shop to fold then get the compressor cheap at the auction... Seriously though, I’v seen a number of the online scuba retailers that had the specialty compressors for sale. Not very cheap but it is a special application compressor your looking for.
rustymich - 8/04/2008 7:07 PM
Looking for 1phase 220volt sorry should have stated that....Thanks beth that sounds like a monster......
Will - 8/05/2008 9:07 AM
There are a bunch of compressors here:

It sounds to me like the datasheet for the specific one that would meet your needs is:

I don’t know how your electric company would feel about you installing an electric motor any bigger then 220/30A on a single phase residential circuit...assuming you’re residential. Even if you have a 200A service, a motor any bigger then this one could dim your lights/give you under voltage that could damage your electronics on startup.

Of course, you could have already consulted a professional (or even be one) about the electric portion of this, but I felt like I should at least let you know before you purchased JIC you hadn’t.