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Dive Travel Bag
ChaoticScorpio - 6/29/2018 9:57 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 5

I recently went on my first dive trip. I used a large Timberland duffel bag for my BCD, fins, mask and snorkel. I was just wondering what every else uses to travel.
LatitudeAdjustment - 6/30/2018 6:31 AM
I never use a dive branded bag that will tell the baggage handlers there is expensive dive gear in it, they all seem to have TSA keys :(

I use a wheeled folding duffle bag because on liveaboards that hard case isn’t going to fit under the bed or anywhere out of the way :(
JohnDiver123 - 6/30/2018 9:01 AM
I use the Aqualung Explorer. It’s great for a warm water dive destination. I carry on my regulators and computer. It may be too big for some dive boats but it is smaller than most dive bags as the fins go in the side pockets.
FtMyersTom - 6/30/2018 7:28 PM
100% carry on, 1mil full wet suit, reg/octo/computer, mask, Aqualung Zuma travel BC or Mares Journey Elite BC and recent addition Aqua Lung HotShot Travel fins. Just got back from 2 weeks in Caymans and took Aqualung Zuma. I take a EVO mesh bag that all fits in for shore or boat dives.
Tony_B - 7/01/2018 10:19 AM
Great topic. Don’t have one but always had interest. I’m concerned about all the soft-body types. Aren’t you all concerned about the contents getting damaged? I’d prefer a hard case to protect the contents but, again, I have no experience in the matter. I would appreciate everyone’s thoughts.
FtMyersTom - 7/01/2018 7:28 PM
Yes hard side is best for check in but either type pack your gear with BC open laid down first, then lay wet suit inside your open BC with arms and legs partially folded. Then circle up reg and set it on top of wet suit and fold remaining wet suit over reg. Then fold over BC waist belt and Velcro them together, snap chest/shoulder straps closed and pull tight. You can actually set this all up on a bed to get best fit and lift it up as one piece and set it in suitcase. Then simply lay fins on top how ever they fit best. If you have a large suitcase you can pack towels ect below, around sides and on top. I did this a few times before I went to all carry on and had no problem. I have never been over weight with 1 or 3mil and don’t own 5mil. Where I go water isn’t much under 80deg at depth.