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Dive Insurance
oceanfloor - 3/05/2010 5:33 AM
Category: New Diver Q&A
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My diving insurance, DiveAssure will expire in April. My currant rates are $260.00 [ at ] year for the Diamond Multi-Trip plan. DiveAssure or DAN or which do you prefer? I’m not real familiar with DAN. Or are you familiar with different dive insurance I haven’t mentioned.
LatitudeAdjustment - 3/05/2010 11:14 AM
 Hi Maria, I’m not sure what all you get from DiveAssure for that price but DAN’s best policy is $70 plus membership = $105 a year. Insuring equipment would add to that depending on what gear you add to the policy.
oceanfloor - 3/05/2010 12:04 PM

Hello Ray,

Yea, I see a big difference in cost. Do you know if DAN automatically covers you in other counteries or do you have to add a rider to the policy. DiveAssure seems to be a bit expensive for what they cover compared to DAN’s
OcalaJim - 3/05/2010 12:44 PM
D.A.N. covers you anywhere as long as you contact them first if there inusrance is required. If you look at their website, you can compare their plans here : Plan Details

They are great to work with, too. Call them or email them for any question and they have a very quick response and never make you feel like your question is stupid!
madlobster - 3/05/2010 12:44 PM
I have DAN for personal dive insurance but use D.E.P.P. for my gear, it’s better than DAN, imo.
scubaclay - 3/05/2010 2:43 PM
With out hesitation DAN, is the best for the money.
Rich-D-Fish - 3/05/2010 6:42 PM

I’ve been thinking about this same subject so I decided to call DAN today. Membership is $35, plus Standard coverage $25 (chamber, but no ear trauma), Medium coverage $35 (most all coverage), High coverage $70 (everything). It turns out that my personal health insurance does cover hyperbaric chamber treatments, evacs, and ear trauma. You should check your own insurance to see if you are covered. I might still add Dan as gap coverage in case my insurance limits are exceeded. Plus Dan offers trip insurance.

Equipment insurance is covered through a separate company. The rates for that are $3.50 per $100 of coverage. So my $4,000 camera & housing alone will cost me $140 per year to cover. For that amount I’m going to just keep a close eye on it. I bought my dslr camera at Best Buy with the $150 extra for 4 years of no-fault insurance to cover my camera in case of flood. If it floods I get a new camera. I’ll baby my housing and strobes in a pelican case. Just not covered for theft or lost. I will carry my rig onto the plane.

Hope this helps.
Indiana - 3/05/2010 8:23 PM
I also would say DAN.It will also cover the cost to get you to nearest chamber.That comes with just being a member of DAN.If you dont what there insurance you should become a member.They do a lot for diving.
oceanfloor - 3/05/2010 8:49 PM
Well guys.. it seems that the cost for DAN seems a lot better than what I’ve been paying. The added D.E.P.P equipment policy would run about $95.00 per year if I wanted to insure my gear. Now, just need to find out if you have to make special arrangements with DAN to dive in other countries. I’ll be traveling to Bonaire in May. A special thanks to all of you for your response, especially those of you that are on my divebuddy list. Your true divebuddies.. :)
seawolfdiving - 3/06/2010 5:38 AM
I use DAN. Have been for many years.
ScubaFit - 3/07/2010 11:53 AM
We are members of DAN, but have always used the Platinum plan from Dive Assure. If I remember correctly, the big difference if you read the plans closely is that Dive Assure is primary coverage, DAN is not. Just recently received notice from Dive Assure that they are offering a new product of DAN services as an add on to their coverage. You may want to also call Dive Assure and your personal insurance broker to get all of your questions answered.
Nesher - 3/12/2010 3:04 PM
I have had Dive Assure for the past two to three years. and the differences are quite striking.

The Diamond policies not only provide primary care but covers up to one million dollars whereas Dan is considerably less.

DiveAssure is best for multi-trips, three or four trips a year is where it really works for you.

One other feature if you travel 50 miles from your home to dive that’s considered a trip so it’s covered as well. Car problems, etc.....all covered.

I can’t remember all the details but I researched it thoroughly prior to my purchase a few years back. I’ve been EXTREMELY happy with DiveAssure, especially when I had a trip canceled due to a hurricane.

DAN is still very good and if you’re a once or twice a year diver, then the cheaper and more economical is DAN, but that’s dive insurance and not travel. so you still have to purchase the travel with each trip planned.

Research it well and talk to each company about various scenarios that could occur and see which one is best for you and your dive plans. Go from there.

I’m still a member of DAN but for dive and travel insurance I’m sticking with DiveAssure.

Hope that helps.

Scubapilot17 - 4/02/2010 3:19 PM
I have DiveAssure also. I’m no insurance expert but I was doing some research and what I learned (I hope correctly) is that DAN is secondary insurance whereas DiveAssure is primary insurance. I think DAN picks up and covers what you’re regular health insurance doesn’t. DiveAssure is more comprehensive and since my primary health insurance is crap I don’t mind paying extra for more piece of mind.
oceanfloor - 4/02/2010 8:51 PM
Thanks, I didn’t realize DAN was not a multi-dive insurance. I also liked the 50 mile dive trip coverage Dive Assure offers.
scubaclay - 4/03/2010 2:41 PM
The main reason I use DAN is because the perferred plan covers you and your gear outside the USA. Thankfully I’ve never had to use it, but it is always there for me. Besides I enjoy teaching DAN courses.
1maurscuba - 4/03/2010 10:59 PM
Re: Dan Insurance. I have the prefered plan but equipment is only covered if it’s lost or damaged in a "diving accident". Not lost or stolen in a hotel or somewhere along the way.
rdive - 4/20/2010 11:43 AM

This information may cause more confusion, but I would like for you all to think about this. Have you ever had the need to use this insurance and what was your experience?

I know this for a fact, when you buy any insurance in any country it does not mean that it will cover you in another country when on vacation. Example: Many people buy medical travel insurance and when they get sick and need medical care, they find out that local medical professionals will NOT accept their medical travel insurance. The travel agent or whomever sold you the policy will not tell you that it will be up to the discretion of the local providers if they accept it.

This is also based on the fact that insurance companies have either "stiffed" local medical professionals or it takes months to actually get paid and this has led to MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, CLINICS and HOSPITALS not accepting medical travel insurance.

In Aruba there is one hyperbaric chamber facility. DAN divers insurance ($70.00) is the only insurance that will cover your hyperbaric medical treatment in ARUBA, which is roughly USD 5,000 for one single treatment.

I know for a fact that if you arrive at the local hospital, you will have to pay even if you have DAN insurance. The chamber facility and hospital are seperate entities. Once eveluated at the hospital emergency room and based on indiactions you will be transported to the hyperbaric facility for treatment. Your bill for the emergency room can be anywhere between USD 280.00- 450.00 gave or take. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE HOSPITALIZATION!!!! (If needed, hospitalization can easily be USD 1,000 per night)

No other insurance will be accepted!!! I Have checked this personally.

There is another possibility in Aruba to get hyperbaric treatment coverage, but this is through private coverage in Aruba before you get there on vacation. For information you can send an email to: info [ at ]

Regarding loss of equipment due to theft, in Aruba you will need to file a police report and with that you go back to your insurance company. Locally nobody can help you with that.

For airline luggage lost or damage, this you will need to check with the individual airlines.

I flew from Miami to Aruba a few months ago and two of my suit cases got ripped and cut. The airline offered to have them repaired but my travel insurance didn’t cover that.

This is pretty much the "norm" in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Other destinations you need to do some homework before your trip.

Please keep these things in mind.
oceanfloor - 5/14/2010 5:29 AM
So, Rdive, is DAN your preferred dive insurance?
oceanfloor - 5/18/2010 9:30 PM
Thanks all who responded.... I leave for Bonaire in a few days. I’ve had DiveAssue in the past but opt for DAN this time around. I’ll see how that works this year. Hopefully I’ll be as lucky as last year and not need it at all.
Scubapilot17 - 5/19/2010 12:08 AM
Good luck and have fun. Let me know how Bonaire went when you return. I’m thinking about going back in October or November.