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Dutch Springs 8/28/10: Crane
AOW_dude - 8/30/2010 1:11 AM
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Dutch Springs 8/28/10: Crane I’m spoiled now, I want my weekday vis back. Saturday at Dutch invariably translates into lower visibility and close encounters with other divers. So today this guy just descended almost on top of me, his computer hose got lodged right between me and my reg hose. I could tell how badly he wanted his computer back by the way he was trying to yank my regulator out. Dude, I kinda gotta breathe down here, I mean if you don’t mind? Some people might find it weird but I have this sentimental attachment to my regulator, I prefer to keep it in underwater. So I had to hold on to my reg while I untangled his computer. He did wave thanks. Hey, anytime. Whenever you need to, just drop down on me and pull the reg right out of my mouth. (As long as you let me keep my octopus.) Good thing it’s not crowded or anything today here at Dutch.
Anyway, saw something new again, the crane @ 65’. Probably would’ve been better if it was vertical instead of horizontal (but then it would’ve just toppled in a few years). Revisited the school bus @ 55’, the cruiser @45’, the fire truck @20’, the tanker truck @ 70’ and the newer Cessna @ 35’ (still didn’t get to see the old one yet). The bass are so friendly, they just come right up to ya and stare. I’m doing the same thing to them. Surface water was high 70s and 56° @ 67’ on the last dive of summer.


tshark - 9/04/2010 1:29 PM
Come dive the gulf of mexico the water is warmer more to see & much larger fish to look at & there is enough room for everyone no problems with people dropping on you!
leeb388 - 8/31/2010 12:25 PM
Diving without your buddy?
DIANEDOROTHY - 8/30/2010 9:22 PM
Did you see the commerative plaque for the diver that was a firefighter and killed on 9/11? It’s on the fire engine (who would have guessed).