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Dutch Springs 6/12/10: Helldiver & School Bus
AOW_dude - 6/13/2010 11:36 PM
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Dutch Springs 6/12/10: Helldiver & School Bus Back to the sunny Quarribbean, yay me! The water’s really warming up, 62°F @ 35’. Thermocline has to be somewhere around 40’ (and boy, do you feel it) because at 54’ the temp dropped down to 52 °F . Huge patches of zebra mussels on the bottom, these little dudes are doing a great job filtering this aquarium.
Some of my largemouth buddies swim up almost as close as you would to shake hands. Except, they stop short of the last step and just keep that distance, staring at you. Well, nobody’s here at Dutch to hurt them, just an idiot dude like myself stretching his hand out to them.
The school bus at 50’ seems to be in a good operating condition. They parked it there 15 years ago but the tires still seem to have air in ‘em, imagine that. The seats were removed, though (no upcoming school trips expected for a while, I guess). Entered the bus through the back door, it was really tempting to come out through the windshield. Exited through the roof hatch instead. Good stuff.
The fire truck was still there (still not running). Seems like somebody must’ve punched out the headlights (wait, dude, were they there to start with?)
The coolest thing on the dive was seeing a Helldiver plane sitting at about 60’. For a 1944 model it looks almost brand new (it was sank only 3 years ago, hmm, must be a replica). Well, if I’m as excited seeing that little airplane down there I definitely should live to see the Truk Lagoon someday.