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Dutch Springs 5/23/10: Cabin Cruiser
AOW_dude - 6/10/2010 8:31 PM
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Dutch Springs 5/23/10: Cabin Cruiser

Not quite as beautiful as yesterday, the air is 70°F and it’s raining. But dude, that’s not some sissy Caribbean around these parts, that’s NorthEast for ya, deal with it. Bob the Fish put a drysuit on, I thought he was going down with us. But he stayed on the beach (didn’t dive at all that day), he said he just wanted to stay dry. Well, hey, that’s exactly what drysuits are for. 54°F @ 54’, as long as you keep swimming, you’re warm. (Like Dory famously said, ’just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do - we swim’. You know, the crazy blue tang. Ah, never mind.) And guess what, the rain don’t make any difference at 54’ (huge surprise). Some trout, familiar-looking largemouth bass finning past. I guess I should start making friends with these guys, I’ll be seeing a lot of them this season. Checked out the exterior of one of the cabin cruisers, pretty good shape. Flew past the wall on the North side, it is kind of barren (shale and zebra mussels) but it was fun to turn on your back and watch the overhanging trees go by through the water.