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Dutch Springs 6/26/10: Cessna & Tanker Truck
AOW_dude - 6/30/2010 12:25 AM
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Dutch Springs 6/26/10: Cessna & Tanker Truck

Just had to try what it feels like to have no hood and no gloves past the thermocline, in the low 50s. Big mistake, dude, wow. I didn’t notice if my hands were cold, it was my head that almost made me scream underwater. Felt like I had no protection of my skull or blood vessels, just my brain directly exposed to cold water. Really hurt. Otherwise, had fun diving, 52°F @ 67’ (80s topside). Checked out the tanker truck (looks like it crashed, tilted halfway on its side), school bus, cabin cruiser. Checked out the Cessna and got inside the cabin of the Helldiver plane, kinda cool. Took pictures (nothing yet to be really proud of). Northeast wall reminded of a submerged canyon. Passing over the submerged trees was an interesting feeling, definitely.