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Are We Killing Our Oceans and Seas.
Michael_37 - 7/16/2010 4:36 PM
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Though I have been diving for a very short time and up to a year ago I really did not think much about the oceans and seas - except that I wanted to move to Florida later on in life. 

Well, to make a long story short I started diving and hope to see some of the beautiful locations I have seen in magazines and videos. I look forward to this as I am sure many other divers do also. 

I recall a few years back seeing a video on a plastic vortex pacific ocean, a few nights ago I saw another video on video hosting site about all the other oceans and seas world wide - These are truly terrible and if you know nothing about them just do a search on Google for Plastic Vortex and you will find out more about them.

When I went to look for the video again I could not find it but found this video from Greenpeace. Though I know very little about Greenpeace I feel strongly against what I seen in this video -

Please let me know what you think about this once you watch it - Thanks


D2 - 7/19/2010 9:01 PM

Yes we are slowly killing the ocean. Just as we are slowly encroaching on land areas that other wildlife need to sustain life, rain forest....

I have been fishing and diving the South Florida area about 17 years. I can vouch that diving has had an impact on our reefs, that overfishing has greatly diminished the sport fish population, and you will no longer be able to collect a bushel basket of lobsters on minny season on your first dive.

The only true way to halt this incroachment is to reduce the human population. I am not advocating that, it’s just the only way I see to maintain the balance of nature. Kinda like the balance of nature for all other species, eventually nature will balance us......

If you think of a different effective way let me know.

Michael_37 - 7/17/2010 1:23 AM

Yes, I did & I agree.

 Had this really awsome comment typed up but my account timed out.

I’m sure it was to deep for most and would just be a waste of time to post. Maybe later I will rant and rave.......

We need to do something though - this is true.

Cool tat -SMITTY
SCUBASMITTY - 7/16/2010 6:28 PM

I believe we should go one step further, there should be a global moratorium on 

ALL drilling, mining, COMMERCIAL fishing,whaling for any purpose, as well as shark fining. for a period of no less then 20 yr’s 

we are the ONLY species that is committing GLOBAL SUICIDE !