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BOOT 2010
Similan - 2/02/2010 7:02 AM
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Category: Event
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amazing, my last blog entry is nearly four weeks ago, and so many things happened so fast! While the Whaleshark and the Manta Rays appeared at the Similan Island, while Manta Queen 1 and Manta Queen 2 were coming back with the most stunning pics... in the meantime some of us were in Winter Wonderland Germany, attending the Boat Exhibition in Duesseldorf. We had an awesome time in Duesseldorf, met so many people, made new friends, learned new things... One of the stories from was: provided for all the exhibition halls heart defibrillators. These are supposed to be very easy to handle, so also not trained persons can help in case of emergency. There are patches to be attached to the affected person. Than go away from the person and switch the defibrillator on. The machine than starts automatically to measure if it is necessary to shock or not. On Saturday in one of our neighbour halls a man had a heart attack. Another visitor, not trained at all, took the defibrillator and simply followed the three on the machine described steps; patches, go away, switch on. The man´s heart had already stopped, so the defibrillator shocked a couple of times. After a few minutes the emergency team arrived and overtook. The man is alive, he will be fine and the emergency team said, that were would have been no chance to survive for this man without the interaction if the visitor and the defibrillator. Good job visitor and aqua med!