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a summary of the season so far
Similan - 12/17/2009 11:42 PM
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Let’s have a look back how the first two month of the season were working out so far…

In general many companies in Khao Lak are complaining about not enough tourists, and that it’s worse than last year… and so on. I don’t think this is true. We had a very good and busy november and the complains are every year in december the same, everybody remembers that last year at this time it was much more busy. For some reason not many are remembering the complaining last december about not enough tourists and that everything was better the year before. This might be because humans rather remember the good stuff and forget about the bad. But the ‘pre-christmas-down’ is an established enemy.

For us at KSA it still looks very good, we have a lot of internet pre-bookings, many walk in’s, boats are filled but not uncomfortably crowded, the christmas and new year trips are fully booked since weeks. The forecasts for January are ranging from ‘desaster’ to ‘it will be soooo incredible busy!’. Let’s face it; we gotta wait for january for knowing for sure.

Let’s have a look at the diving so far;

against all expectations, there is a lot of big fish around already. The Manta Rays around island number nine are a common picture already and it’s worth to have an eye on the blue at Richelieu Rock for the Whaleshark. The Liveaboards are bringing back happy divers, as well as Sea Horse and white dolphin from the Daytrips. Conditions and visibility are great, the speedboat rides are not too bumpy and it rarely rains.

Summary; Diving at the Similan Islands this season is awesome and it seems like we are avoiding the ‘pre-christmas-down’. No reason to complain for us… so far so good :-)