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BOOT 2010
Similan - 2/02/2010 7:02 AM
amazing, my last blog entry is nearly four weeks ago, and so many things happened so fast! While the Whaleshark and the Manta Rays appeared at the Similan Island, while Manta Queen 1 and Manta Queen 2 were coming back with the most stunning pics... in the meantime some of us were in Winter Wonderland Germany, attending the Boat Exhibition in Duesseldorf. We had an awesome time in Duesseldorf, met so many people, made new friends, learned new things... One of the stories from was: http://www.aqua...
a summary of the season so far
Similan - 12/17/2009 11:42 PM
Let’s have a look back how the first two month of the season were working out so far… In general many companies in Khao Lak are complaining about not enough tourists, and that it’s worse than last year… and so on. I don’t think this is true. We had a very good and busy november and the complains are every year in december the same, everybody remembers that last year at this time it was much more busy. For some reason not many are remembering the complaining last december about not enough tourist...
the new speedboat the new speedboat
Similan - 12/08/2009 6:06 AM
coming up soon: the new speedboat for daytrips to Richelieu Rock and Koh Bon! ...well... maybe not tomorrow :-)...
Whaleshark at Richelieu Rock Whaleshark at Richelieu Rock
Similan - 12/01/2009 3:23 AM
Finally, after the season is already 6 weeks old, we met the Whaleshark yesterday at Richelieu Rock while diving from Manta Queen II! But even if we were hoping every day to see one, it is still quite early in the season for them. Summary; if we already found one now, we might be even more lucky from January on :-)...
Reef clean up Richelieu Rock
Similan - 11/29/2009 5:51 AM
at the third trip with manta queen 1 a fishing boat left quickly richelieu rock when we appeared. they had dropped their net when they saw us, and the net covered then the top of the rock. vic, tik, dan and mr.cru removed it successfully and we sent it together with some pictures to the similan island marine park office....
Liveaboard trip october 2009
Similan - 11/29/2009 4:33 AM
Manta Queen I _05 24/10 – 28/10 The afternoon of the 24th, two hours before Manta Queen I was departing, we decided spontaneously that I will join the trip to the Simlan Islands. So hurry, hurry, quickly packed some stuff and off to the boat! Around 6.30pm we left khao lak to taplamu, where the boat and the crew were waiting for us. First look at the boat and a briefing, what to do, what not to do, how to do what… seemed like a lot of rules, but indeed everything was well thought about and runni...