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Dry Suit Saga
mcneal3kl - 7/04/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Personal
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I got one of the best deals on a dry suit. Better than I could have imagined. A guy that I know (who is an commercial diver on an oil rig) just got a new DUI drysuit. He sold me the Poseidon (if that is the correct spelling)that he used for 4 months at a price of 50 dollars. I took it out today and had that suit bend and twist me around. I made the drysuit flip me upside down and had it put me in ever situation that everyone has said to watch out for when diving drysuits. I must say that my theory holds true still. The more you practice the skills you need to recover from diving disasters the easier they are to get out of. If you know your gear, and know your corrective procedures, then you will never panic when these problems creap up on you. I must say that the only thing I really did not like, but I will get used to it, is the squeeze. I tend to think that with everything I was doing I probably made it squeeze me more than it ever would on its own. But I know the suits limitiations, and mine in the suit.


seawolfdiving - 7/04/2007 12:00 AM
Are you using your suit inflation system properly? If you keep your drysuit properly inflated, then you should not experience a "sqeeze" from it.