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Dry Suit
mcneal3kl - 6/25/2007 12:00 AM
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I am in the market for a dry suit. The only ones that I have ever used before were the kind that I used in the Marine Corps. They were all tailor made to our body and would cost way to much for me to do the same thing and pay for it myself. So, instead of the buy and few and figure out what I want I am going to try this. Anyone who dives a Dry Suit, sales Dry Suits, or knows anything to help me make my decision easier and more knowledgeable. Any info you can give me will help.


NWKatShark - 6/28/2007 12:00 AM
Another suggestion. I dive an Apollo 4.0 EX. It`s a crushed neoprene suit with attached hardsole boots. Also has exhaust valves on the ankles so you won`t go inverted. The neoprene as verses bi-lam or tri-lam is better for colder water because it has better (thicker) insulating value. The downfall is it`s much more buoyant, so you have to pack more weight. When I bought mine 6 years ago it retailed for $750, I haggled mine for $600. Since then, I`ve only had to replace the latex wrist seals, and that was because I ripped one on my watch. Bottom line. There are a LOT of non-biased information sites on the web that will explain the pros/cons of all types of suits.
Dorkfish - 6/28/2007 12:00 AM
If you`re not in a rush and can make the trip, I would suggest hitting one of the DUI Dog Days Rally dates. For $10 per day you can try out as many dry suits as you can handle, provided you are within dive table limits for the dive day. It`s a great way to test out different suits from a manufacturer without any obligation to buy.

Here`s a link to the calendar.
TColJeep - 6/25/2007 12:00 AM
I`ve been diving in drysuits for a few years now. I purchased a Bare NexGen Trilam when I first certified. It is an inexpensive suit compared to anything else on the market. It cost about $600. and included gloves, rock boots, hood and carry bag. It has held up well and still dives nice and dry. Unfortunately, it is anything but a custom fit. It`s sort of like diving in a trash bag. I have been researching new suits. DUI is about the best out there, but also way out of my price range. I have found a real nice suit at a reasonable price. It is manufactured by Diving Concepts. It is a crushed neoprene suit that dives like a wet suit. Very comfortable and warm. The suit cost me $1200.00 complete with undergarment, hood, gloves and carry bag. It is definately worth checking out. Just a word of caution if you try the E-Bay route... I tried to find a suit that way, bought 2 suits that didn`t even come close to fitting properly. I`ve managed to sell one. Hope this helps, Good Luck.