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Some of you may have seen the Helson Shark Diver Watch before - in Surgical Steel.
OceanicDreams - 1/04/2015 5:38 PM
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Some of you may have seen the Helson Shark Diver Watch before - in Surgical Steel.Now Helson came out with some incredibly attractive models in bronze (left on the above image). To me, they don’t look like regular watches anymore - they look like submarine instruments, and their appearance is reminiscent of hard hat diving helmets which means a lot to me: It’s helmet divers back in the mid-forties that ignited my lifelong passion for the underwater world.

Thus, apart from being extremely tough, masculinely heavy and dependable pieces of horology engineering at its best, just looking at the Helson bronze watches evoke intense feelings of pure nostalgia in my sea of early memories.... To this day I regret not having dived with a dry suit, led boots, and an air hose attached to one of those glorious bronze helmets... :-)

Back to the topic: As any other bronze object, the bronze Helson watches tend to acquire an incomparably beautiful patina after a short while, which is what makes them so very special.

Have a look at Helson’s website:

And read what I wrote about the regular Helson Shark Diver watches before:

As I stated in that blog, because of the very affordable price at which these watches can be bought, I got myself a total of four (yes: four!) Shark Diver versions in different colors. Needless to say, very soon I will be the owner of the bronze model.... :-)

I know Peter Helson, and asked him whether he would offer my blog readers a special "OceanicDreams Discount" of 10%. He gallantly said: "My pleasure!"

So, in case you want to buy a Shark Diver watch in bronze, order it online, and simply mention the "OceanicDreams" code to get your discount.

In case you would like to have additional information, contact the Helson people:

Best wishes, and have the most memorable shark dives of your lives in 2015!!



Greg - 1/05/2015 10:42 AM
Does that watch say "2000" meters?!?