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Felix from Miami FL | Scuba Diver

Wolfgang Leander (67) specializes in shark photography. Some people call him an obstinate purist: Wolfgang does not dive with tanks - he states that only breath-hold diving enables him to interact freely with sharks. His equipment is, by today’s standards, old fashioned and basic (Nikonos V, two lenses), his style almost minimalistic, yet classic - and he prefers black and white photographs taken with available light only. 

As Wolfgang became familiar with sharks while interacting with them, he fell hopelessly in love with these magnificent animals. Unfortunately, many shark species are in peril and face extinction as they are being killed off mainly because of their fins. Shark fin soup is considered to be a gourmet dish in China. Like many other concerned individuals, Wolfgang has turned into an ardent shark defender. Yet, he painfully recognizes that saving the sharks will not be an easy task. He believes that indifference and irrational fear of sharks are the worst obstacles in creating awareness and sympathy for their plight . 

Wolfgang’s small contribution toward shark conservation as a photographer is showing the world the beauty of sharks and in doing so, making people realize that "Jaws" is a myth and that the disappearance of these ancient creatures from the oceans will represent an irreparable crime against nature. Wolfgang says: "Sharks have been around for some 400 million years, they don’t need us - but we desperately need them, for the health of our blue planet, for our own health!


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