California Diver Magazine Runs Hardcore Friday the 13th of June with a full moon
hcdiveteambrian - 6/14/2014 4:49 AM
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For the second time California Diver Magazine finds interest in the work of Hardcore’s latest projects in Redondo Beach aka South Bay. And for great reasons this time around. to hear of our reef site work and to feed some numbers, some divers to California Ships to Reefs to help with the drive that it takes to bring new artificial reefs in California’s Pacific Shoreline. The amount of red tape to deal with is an enormous challenge for CSTR. We’re getting the sites mapped, covered and sampled, ready for service. Now a couple of concrete hulls have been acquired by CSTR in Los Angeles Harbor. The City of Redondo has given the OK in a specific area to study for possibility of reefing!

The dives are showing to be perfect in all aspects. No endangered critters, No shallow rock stratigraphy to worry about! Water movement looks pretty consistent and at a pretty good distance from Redondo’s Submarine Canyon, we’re looking good.