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It`s begining to look a lot lot Christmas
dwightfrie - 11/18/2007 9:16 AM
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Well shit, what else can i say? I am now working at the Mall, yes I said the Mall,and it`s November. Not a great time to be at the mall. I consider this job a testament to how badly I want to dive. I can survive just fine without working here, but in order to have my own equipment and extra money to dive I am working part time at dick`s sporting goods. I`ve been told that our store is a smaller store, so I`m guessing there are much bigger dick`s all over the country lol. I was planning to go to Bonne Terre in St. Louis this month,but it looks like I`ll have to wait until January because there are no requested days off during the holiday season.That`s ok because now I`ll have my own equipment to dive with by then. I guess until then I can always snorkel in the tub and try to identify the different types of mold sprouting up from the bottom. Hmm maybe I should do some housework! well folks have a great Thanksgiving and if you find yourself out in the madness of the shopping world the day after.....Say a prayer for me!