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Finally Certified
dwightfrie - 6/08/2008 1:25 PM
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Category: Personal
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June 7, 2008 I finally a fullfilled my goal in becoming a o/w diver!! We did a couple of our dives and skill reviews on an old schooner in 15’ of water in lake Michigan. Then, we did 3 more dives on the sunken barge "Material Service" , wich is a 240’ barge that sank in 1936 in 35’ of water killing 15 of the 22 aboard. I have to say I found it absolutely facinating. Not only the ship and the history but also the life all around it. I did my best to focus on skills, but as soon as we did our requirements and were allowed to explore I transitioned into a different world.

So all i have left to say is, When we going diving!

Take care,

Joe aka Dwightfrie