California Ships to Reefs
hcdiveteambrian - 12/01/2012 11:30 PM
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With our ongoing efforts to help California Ships to Reefs in their mission to provide a thriving California Diving/Fishing environment in areas that are known to seriously lack it, such as large bays-Santa Monica Bay for one. We’re asking your help, we know your time is valuable, it only takes a moment to sign their ipetition.
Petition by iPetitions

If you would like to join our efforts in the survey/dive data collection dives contact us either here or on facebook we can direct you to the best lines of study at CSTR and or take you with us to help on these interesting scientific dives! Again, California Ships to Reefs is working for the diving industry day and night to provide these refreshed dive sites aka Artificial Reefs. You can help them by making a 2012 tax deductible donation found on their webpage create an account there, donate, or contribute dive time, it’s all tax deductible for a very good cause.

We’re heading very soon to Baja’s Rosarito Beach and el porto Ensenada for Baja S2R reef project for help, CSTR has been invited! That should be pretty cool. One thing in Mexico is they don’t delay in recyling to the best advantage. Within days from now the ship is showing up for preparation!! Do you like diving “Wreck Alley?” Then you like California Ships to Reefs!