California Ships to Reefs prepares Redondo Beach CA for New Reefs with Hardcore Dive Team
hcdiveteambrian - 5/18/2014 9:00 PM
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California Ships to Reefs prepares Redondo Beach CA for New Reefs with Hardcore Dive TeamCalifornia Ships to Reefs (CSTR) is in progress as always, to enhance recreational diving depths with the creation of new reefs. With new Hardcore Dive Team request coming in the last half of 2013 to start work in Redondo Beach area, we went right to work, doing what we do! Scuba Diving Los Angeles just got more intense. passin through

Anyone interested in supporting CSTR while having an up to date site specific info connection is always recommended. Log in by creating an account there. Inquire about the Redondo Beach newest reef projects and how you can help and be a part of the progress. That in itself supports everything we do.

Within 2 months ago we were given an area in which to create a potential site and to examine all marine life that could benefit from a new reef.

The parallel between an Octopus living in a discarded beer bottle, “Time in a Bottle”

out in the open, and a structure to come in the same area, boiled down to plain “Time” in a bottle. A very fine and delicate line of the octo’s existance is going to be what “Time” is resting on. By they way, because of popular vote process, the octopus was named Time. He’s got some left, we’re hoping to bring the octopus a new housing complex, one where a normal life span isn’t shortened by a hungry halibut while Time is running, looking for a new shelter.

The proposed sink site is looking in all ways very promising to continue forward with CSTR plans. If you’d like to join in as some Hardcore Dive Team field work diving, you can see what’s available. Seats are limited, sights are high, getting new reefs before Time runs out, is even more of a high priority.waiting on a ship

Searching for a heart of gold

Plans are set for soon night recordings of those interesting beautiful worms and other nocturnal life!

HardcoreDiveTeam on Facebook will bring you the up-to-the-minute coverage of these adventures!