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Lake Perris, Perris California
Posted by dwight_keener
Lake Perris, Perris California
dwight_keener - 6/24/2009 1:12 PM
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Lake Perris, Perris California

Lake Perris Recreation area located in Perris California though a nice lake for jet ski’s, boats and beach goers it’s not scuba friendly, nor is it very clean. "YES" you can dive there but we don’t recommend it. On our First dive (actually the only dive there) we encountered a beer bottle then a beer can all within 5 minutes and about 20ft. of each other and of course being members of ODF and the Scuba Gang we brought up the trash. No telling how much more is down there. The visibility was poor at 1-2 feet at most and the bottom was the murkiest mud one could encounter. The water was the deepest green I have ever seen and would make for a good haunted "JAWS" Movie. This lake needs to be cleaned up !!!

You are only allowed to dive at parking lots 8 or 1 and 2. None of which were close to the water. A good 100 - 150 yards to lug your gear thru the sand. By the time we got our gear to the water front we were exhausted from the tromp through the sand. The incline down, though gradual wasn’t as near as bad as hauling everything back up. What makes a dive worse? Having to lug your gear 100 - 150 yards back up after a bad dive in this lake.

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