Life in Mactan, Cebu as an PADI and SSI Dive Instructor
ScubaHaven - 12/11/2011 6:37 AM
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Life in Mactan, Cebu as an PADI and SSI Dive InstructorPeriod: Sep 15th – Dec 11th (3 months)Dives: 64PADI certifications: 16 (scuba diver, open water and advanced open water)SSI certifications: 3 (open water)Websites: ,

It has been a long time since I wrote something to my blog. Reason for this is that I have been busy with my work as an dive instructor in Scotty’s dive center but now I have had few day offs. Also I have not had time to take underwater photos because it is not allowed when you are working with students or diving with a customers. I am sorry for this.

PADI versus SSII made cross over training 2 days (1 week ago) to become SSI Instructor with Timothy Losper. So I can now certify students either PADI or SSI divers. Philosophy between PADI and SSI is bit different in some aspects. If you want to give SSI certifications you need to work in SSI certified dive center because SSI thinks that its more safe to work through dive center instead of working as an freelancer. Also SSI certification can be bit cheaper because SSI don’t require that students has their own manuals (can use library in dive center) also registration fee is cheaper and e-learning is free of charge. Open water program is very similar but SSI requires 1 open water dive more than PADI so it can be that SSI open water course takes bit more long time to finish. I am certifying now 3 guys from our own staff.

Dive courses in Scotty’s dive centerMost of the courses are open water courses and most of the customers has been from Asia. But also some students from Europe, US and Russia (Kazakhstan). I had interesting Discover Scuba Diving with a group of 10 people from Kazakhstan who were so relaxed that they wanted to go straight away to sea without proper paperwork, briefing and skill training. Hard time for me to explain importance of those.Because we have some customers from Russia its good that I can speak their language and maybe I have tomorrow my first Open water course in Russian. Now I have manual in Russian with me at home to get through it before a course.

Life in Mactan (Lapu-Lapu city) and diving with my good friend from FinlandI still live in same home and I like my life here. Here are no roosters and karaoke so this is quit quiet place to live which is most important for me. Also everything works pretty well. I have some friends with whom I can spend also my free time. My friend came from Finland 1 week ago with his family (3 years old boy and wife) and we rented a big banca boat (30 persons) for a 1 day and made 2 dives (Nalusuan, Talima). Also we ate in Stilt restaurant. We were not lucky in that sense that days were exceptionally cold and rainy but trip was a success.

Ready to leave Shangri-la jetty port.
Ari, Valtteri and Ann
While we were diving with Ari other ones were spending time in Nalusuan island.

Nalusuan island
Jetty port in Nalusuan island
Time to make a dive in Nalusuan.
Total dive time: 65minDepth: 23mTemperature: +29C
Ari is OK after a long break in diving
Blue and yellow fusiliers and Yellow mask surgeonfishes
Bluespine unicorn fishes
Common lionfish
False Clown Anemonefishes
Fishes and corals
Hexagon grouper
Manyspotted sweetlips
Schools of fishes
Titan triggerfish

Lunch in Stilt restaurantAfter a dive in Nalusuan we went to stilt restaurant (Arnold & Candie) where we made a reservation day before. There were band playing while we ate a set lunch P500/ person.

Fresh seafood
Arnold & Candie
Set lunch 500 pesos/ person including drinks (8eur)

Diving in Talima One of my favourite dive sites close to Scotty’s dive center. Last time we saw cuttle fish, turtle and big variety of species. There is a wreck in this dive site but its totally broken. Around a wreck there is so many different fish species.
Total dive time: 55minDepth: 26,5mTemperature: +29C

Blackfin barracudas
Blacksaddle grouper
Diagonal banded sweetlips
Mombasa lionfish
Wrasses etc.
Wrasses etc.
Broken wreck
Gravestone for a memory of accident
Ari diving close to steep and high wall in Talima
What a great way to spend a nice day with my friends!!! Thank you so much to come here and hopefully we will meet soon!