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IDC Day 1
KevinD - 8/09/2008 6:13 AM
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Category: Educational
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Day 2: Friday. We did Learning and the PADI system. In the pool we did the 20 skills circuit. Let me say that on the pool circuit…some of the candidates need more work. They can do the skills but as far as presentation quality, well…they need some polishing. But that is why we are here. I and the other staff will spend some nights in the pool with then making them better. I was just surprised that an instructor would let their Dive Master come to an IDC and not have the skills down. One candidate told me that after he told his instructor he was coming here and not doing the IDC with them he just stopped working with him. I think there may be more to the story but. A few of the candidates have not done DM stuff for a few years and did not prep for coming. Nor sure what they were thinking but we will see how that turns out.
That was all before lunch. After lunch was How to teach in confined water and Microteaching. We were up late working on presentations both in the class room and in the pool. Some of them also had to do the Assistant Instructor Exam out of the workbook. That took some time.
All in all it was a good day. I learned a lot and had a good time. I really enjoy helping the candidates. This morning is pool, should be lots of fun.