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Ocean Divers IDC Day 5
GypsyDiver - 5/10/2009 8:46 PM
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 Ocean Divers IDC Day 5


Today we started out in the Classroom. We had classes on Open Water Training dives and Media and Presriptive Training. We got our classes for tomorrow and broke till after lunch. Where we would head out on the green boat. We thought we would be diving the Spiegel Grove because there was supposed to be a rip current on the USGC Duane. We ended up diving the Duane. Georgia gaves us our brief and the pool was open. (the Captains words) We followed the line down. On the way down, we saw a Cobia, I couldn’t count all of the fish. I saw Barracuda everywhere. The fish were plentiful. I was pissed off that I didn’t have a camera. It was great dive. When we got down on the Duane, we look at a Fish ID Card to see how color faded at depth. We were at 97 ft. Red was gone. It look brown. It was very interesting. We did a lap around the ship and then headed back up the line. It was a great dive. We broke the surface got back on the boat and debriefed.

We moved to Molasses Reef. We went to the Winch Hole. We played with a lift bag and then conducted CESA. We all roleplayed with Georgia as the student where she tried to ascend to quickly. It was fun. We went on a tour around the reef. I saw Parrotfish, I got big by a fish on the Arm when I got to close to the eggs. I was like "What the hell" and look down and saw this little purple fish swimming away from my arm. I lost a couple of hairs on my arm. We made a left and saw a ray buried in the sand. It was funny to watch his eyes looking back and forth while playing hide and seek. We went on further and I saw a Spiny Lobster. He started to face me down. He was pointing his antenna at me like they were Swords. It was funny. I messed with him for a couple of minutes. We came through a break in the reef and I saw a reef shark crusing along. It was so cool. It could careless that I was there. We headed back to the boat. It was another great dive. I had alot of fun watch all of the fish on the reef. Stay tuned for Tomorrow’s continuing adventures of the Oceandivers IDC