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Ocean Divers IDC Day 7
GypsyDiver - 5/12/2009 10:53 PM
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Ocean Divers IDC Day 7 Day 7
Well, we were back in the pool this morning. I presented surfacing the unresponsive diver. All victims made it to EMS control and survived. We got to see Georgia teach another class. It was great to see her in Action again after a couple of days off from teaching. ;) We went back to the classroom and received another block of instruction on the Master Scuba Diver program. This is a great program BTW! After lunch, we went out on the boat. We went to French Reef. We did more open water evals. I had the descent with reference. I had one student grab the rope and the other face away from it. I fixed Grabby Grabsalot and got him to the bottom. I had to send my AI after Lookie Lookerton. When I got to the bottom, I addressed her problems and we ascended and tried again. No problems this time a perfect 5 point descent. My second skill was Fin Pivot with Oral Inflation. First student was trying to do pushups instead of letting his BC do the work. Fixed him and everything was sunny. My second student was perfect. That messed me up I was looking hard for an error. I couldn’t find any. Congratulations and off we went. Did some more skills underwater then it was up to get rescued. We did the unresponsive diver on the surface. It was very interesting with waves. All victims made a back to the boat alive. We dove the second dive on the Benwood wreck. I got to see my first Nurse Shark. We saw massive amounts of fish. It was a great dive. I was really stoked after seeing the Nurse Shark. It was big. Once again, I was mad that I didn’t have my camera housing. Oh well. Stay tuned for Tomorrow’s continuing adventures of the Oceandivers IDC.