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Ocean Divers IDC Day 3
GypsyDiver - 5/08/2009 10:48 PM
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Ocean Divers IDC Day 3

Day 3

We started at 8 am with a pool session. We finished up our skills. We then did our first Confined Water presentations. It was interesting. I learned alot about control and to not look for perfection. I kept thinking the role players were screwing with me. We got a Rescue demo and then it was our turn. We each played the victim and rescuer. It was fun. We finished up and went to the classroom. One class on Discover Scuba and Snorkeling and then lunch.
After lunch, we did our 1st Knowledge Development Presentations. A great amount of learning was accomplished after lunch. I will never forget Tom Petit’s Buoyancy training aid. At least I was the cork and not the stone. We finished the day with a class on O/W Course and PADI Scuba Diver Course.
The obligatory Beer at the Chamber Table with Dick was observed. I drank one for everyone who asked me to do so. There are always some very interesting discussions going on at that table. I left them and headed to the movies. I went and saw Star Trek. I laughed through the whole movie. It was a great movie. It really made my night. After the movie, I went back to the Dorm and wrote up my classes for tomorrow. Time for Bed. Stay tuned for Tomorrow’s Chapter in the IDC Saga.


cudachaser - 5/09/2009 5:58 PM
I’m back in Cocoa Beach. Uneventful trip home...Hey...thanks for letting me use your computer, next time I’ll remember my wireless adapter.

Shot some great pics down there, 360 total and my strobe is not hosed! The hot shoe connection somehow became dislodged.


PS...Mother in law hasn’t tried to preach to me yet!