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Nina from Orlando FL | Scuba Diver

Recently certified as an open water diver while visiting my family in Dallas. Happy to be back in Florida and ready to check out new spots.

I also like playing with airplanes and going to Disney. I also check out every rocket launch I can get to. I work full time and serve in the Civil Air Patrol and Red Cross.

I live with my cat, Ruby, who has her own fan club. Yes, I am that crazy cat lady.


MadamNina - 12 days 1 hour ago.
I’m going to be in Ormond Beach, FL all next week on business. If I can escape, I’d love to go snorkle for a bit. Any good leads on places within a short Uber drive around Ormond Beach? It’s not feasible for me to take the whole dive gear set up, but fins, snorkle and mask are an easy pack.
Nitediver - 5 days 23 hours ago.
New Smyrna Beach is just down the road within 25-30 miles. might see if they have a dive charter as there is a wreck there in the area. you can snorkel in Ormond Beach on the Halifax River which is just the inlet for the ocean
Nitediver - 5 days 23 hours ago. This is a park in Ormond Beach on the Atlantic side. Might be doable
Nitediver - 21 days 21 hours ago.
Thanks for the add! I am a ATP certified pilot and instructor although I stopped a lot of it many years ago now. More or less retired at a little over 30K hours and 52 years flying. Cats are cool.
MadamNina - 19 days 8 hours ago.
Sweet! What was you favorite airframe to fly?
Nitediver - 22 days 2 hours ago.
You live in one of the greatest places to be a diver! From Ginnie Springs to Vortex, Devils Den, St. Joe, the Gulf coast wreck dives, Crystal River all the way to the Dry Tortugas. The reefs and all the rest. Welcome to diving and remember one thing... scuba diving is a close as you can get to heaven without dying! :) Enjoy, be safe, and have fun!
MadamNina - 22 days ago.
I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of it!