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Jeff from Hialeah FL | Scuba Diver

I have only a year and a month with Open Water certification and so far I have dived off Key Largo and in Haiti and Cuba. I am partial to warm waters and still don’t own my own equipment or suits, but that won’t stop me. My goal from now on is to dive absolutely every place I visit that has warm water, whether fresh or salt. I also know boating but don’t own a boat, hopefully one day though. Short-term I plan to buy a jet ski by year’s end. Aside from a dive buddy I would also like to find a general vacation/travel partner because there is more to exploring the world than just diving. Additionally I enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, shooting, zip lining, playing billiards, bike-riding, fishing, river rafting and getting lost in new places then finding my way out, among other things. I haven’t fished or rafted in a good while but desire to do them again. As activities go, my first love is travel, my second love is exploring and my third love is diving. My fourth is probably eating hahaha. And in addition to all those activities, my hobbies include finding and collecting rocks and minerals in mines and writing fiction. I also speak, read and write perfect Spanish and have intermediate proficiency with Brazilian Portuguese. I travel a lot, mostly alone, but thought it might be nice to dive and enjoy other activities with a companion for a change. Some of my dive experiences didn’t even include a dive master, like with an outfit that I used in Key Largo for my first post-certification dives. It would have been better to do them with someone I knew and trusted... I plan to dive Roatan in the very near future, also the keys again and maybe add Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Belize. But I’m open to suggestions.