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David from Richmond VA | Scuba Diver

41 year old male live in Va. Hold adv.,nitrox, and rescue cards. Haven`t dove nearly as much as I wished or thought I would and am looking to change that. Have all my gear except tanks. Used to have a nice under h20 camera then it was stolen from me. Will be looking into another one. Most recently I have found I LOVE hunting for sharks teeth Who am I ? Well I`ll be the first one to be shiverring (hate cold h20) I feel I am a responsile diver who loves everything there is about marine life as well as the thrill of finding a goody on the bottom such as a sharks tooth,civil war relic,etc. I am a frugal travaller and diver but I dont skimp on my equiptment. Looking for like minded " buddies" who take there diving and dive safety seriuosly But like to have a good time. I have quite alot of time off,during the week,due to a strange work schedule. Although I hate the drive, I love the diving in south east Fla. Will be there APRIL-8 THRU APRIL-13, in Pompano, Anyone out there tired of being on dry land and want to either shore dive in the area or head out on a charter during this time?


scuba1girl69 - 10/18/2007 6:23 PM
come on down and let`s look for shark teeth at the coast...Spring Break???? Safe diving, -Myrta
DONNIE - 3/28/2007 12:00 AM
Lisa - 3/18/2007 12:00 AM
Hi, thanks for the compliment on my pics...I used the sony T10- a very small digital point & shoot. I wasn`t happy with it at all and have since sold it. I got it cause I was on my way to Indonesia and it was the only camera I could find with a housing where I live (in Abu Dhabi.) As for your question on my recommendations for a camera? Totally depends on your budget!!! But I`d definitely recommend digital and stick with Canon. I`d be happy to go into more detail if you`re really seriously looking. By the way, your dog is adorable...miniture dauchaund? (spelling???) Cheers! Lisa
Caloosa - 3/13/2007 12:00 AM
I don`t know anything about Blackbeards personally...just what I`ve seen on the web...a couple of friends from our scuba club did a charter with them a couple of summers` ago and had a good time...I will be traveling on the Ultimate Getaway from Fort Myers Beach with our scuba club...we have chartered the boat for two back to back weeks...and I will be going on the 2nd week - it`s just a four day charter and we will primarily be doing some hunting for lobsters and spearfishing...but still a good adventure with about 7 or 8 drops per day and I hope to do 4 or 5 dives per day on the trip.