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Luca from Bethesda MD | Instructor



Luca_Crudeli - 7/03/2013 4:07 AM
I think it is best if Julie or Silver Divers give you the voucher, because they will be there on Friday. I will speak to them tonight and will let you know.

Luca_Crudeli - 7/03/2013 4:05 AM
Hi Glenn. My no is 2023868120. I will be at Dutch in Sat morning. I’ll try to be there as early as I can, but my guess is that our first dive will be late morning. Perhaps call me to know where I am before you go for a first morning fun dive.

Yes I was in Nepal for work. Still recovering from jet-lag.

See u on Sat!

Trainman - 7/01/2013 3:31 PM
I didnt catch that comment before. You were in Nepal? What was that like?

I spoke with Julie at Silver Scuba, she is going to give you my voucher to get into the park. Ill need a phone number of some sort for you to let you know when i get close. Im planning on leaving around noon-1pm on friday. Ill hopefully be down there by 6-7. Setup tent check gear etc, walk around and get my bearings (having never been there). Roast marshmallows, important $#![ like that.

978-609-4159 is my cell. I always have it on me. I always answer it unless im on the phone.

Think thats it.

Luca_Crudeli - 6/18/2013 6:57 AM
I am sure it will be ok. Keep me posted. Even if I am in Nepal at the moment...
Trainman - 6/18/2013 6:50 AM

I called sterling silver and left a message, i am hoping to get a call back after they open at 11. We will see if i can officially et in the camp&dive weekend and take the photography class.
Trainman - 6/13/2013 12:59 PM
Ok your pictures in the red sea are incredible! They are almost as amazing as the fact that you were diving in the red sea! I hate you... Not really, but i now have sea/divers envy.