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Aren from Kirkland WA | Scuba Diver

I did a bunch of dives out at Alki, and dove Bell Harbor Marina, and graduated DIT.


divershaun - 5/13/2012 4:18 PM
hell ya man, sat training would be awesome. mixed gas is fun too, especially the voice change on the HeO2 mixtures. well its fun unless you are comms up on topside trying to understand what they are saying lol.
arenjacobsen - 3/13/2012 2:31 PM
OK, here is what our manuals states. 1. If the SI is greater than :05 but less than :07, increase the O2 time at the 50fsw from:15 to :30 (1/2 period), remove the bibs and take :05 air break while ascending to the 40 fsw chamber stop. After the air break resume O2 breathing periods at 40fsw. (The O2 periods are increased by a 1/2 period) 2. If the SI is greater than :07 treat the diver’s on a TT-5 if the original schedule required 2 or fewer O2 periods. Treat the diver’s on a TT-6 if the original schedule required 2.5 or more O2 periods. You were right Shaun, and congrats on the mixed-gas training. I’m hopefully headed the same direction in the next 24 months, or to Australia for SAT training.