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Lynn from Kyoto  | Scuba Diver

Hello everyone

well I finally got my Dive Cert, and have been going nonstop, I’ve been to Israel, Ireland, Kuwait, Belize diving cant wait to do more, Currently in Japan, and hopefully very soon I will be diving here, or in Thailand and Austrailia, so if anyone out there knows of any good dive spots please let me know


DakotaSky62 - 1/22/2015 11:06 PM
Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone knows of any dive shops/ dive tours going on any near Kyoto Japan?? if so pls let me know
Greg - 1/24/2015 6:24 AM
It would be better to post this as a forum topic.
DakotaSky62 - 6/27/2012 6:43 PM
good morning dive buddies, I have a quesstion for those living in Barcelona spain I will be visitn there fm 12 july to 17 july 2012, does anyone know of a good dive center to go to to get some dives in ????? if so pls let me know, so I can make arrangements before I get there and thank u in advance
DakotaSky62 - 6/12/2012 9:44 AM
Really where, cuz the only place I know about is in khiran where I got my cert
jasem - 6/12/2012 8:54 AM
Hi congratulation , and there is too many dive site in kuwait if u would like to join us. We. Dive every week end .
DakotaSky62 - 6/17/2012 2:14 PM
Really ?? Other then Khiran, where are the other sites n I would love to join you on a dive
DakotaSky62 - 5/12/2012 12:14 AM
Got my Dive Cert oh yea life is balling now ..mmmmmmmmmmnow where should I dive nextmmmmmm
DakotaSky62 - 9/08/2011 4:34 PM
Well this blows looks like I’m gonna hv to wait until I get to Kuwait to get my Dive cert, due to the fact there isnt enough time for me to do it at my dive ctr, or I might hv to wait until Mar , if I decide to come home for vacation, grrrrrrrrrrrrr