Frozen but smiling in San Carlos
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Frozen but smiling in San Carlos


eyeson - 1/07/2015 2:54 PM
Plan on going down to San Carlos in the next month or two myself! How was the water clarity?
tinahawkins - 1/07/2015 8:58 PM
Great water clarity! Winter is a great time to dive there if you don’t mind the cold. I’d say 40-50 feet of viz, saw tons of eels, stonefish, sea lions, angelfish, a huge school of barracuda, and a massive lobster. You’re gonna love it!
eyeson - 1/08/2015 7:44 AM
Great to hear! What dive points would you suggest?
tinahawkins - 1/08/2015 10:27 PM
San Pedro Island is known for its sea lions but if the winds are high and the crossing is rough they won’t risk it. It’s about an hour and a half boat ride. The aquarium has boulders and swim throughs and is a short ride out and the sea mount is amazing if the boat can make it. You really can’t go wrong, though. On the crossing to the island there was massive bait ball action so we saw tons of dolphins and diving birds. It was incredible. We also saw a whale in the distance but only could see it spouting, not sure what kind. Go with an open mind, the captain of the Piesquita is great and will take you to the best spots weather willing. It’s a great dive boat and San Carlos is a cool place. You’ll love the sunsets. Be sure to order some carmelos at JJs, best way to end a dive day there!
coldwaterdiver - 1/06/2015 6:45 PM
What was the water temp
tinahawkins - 1/07/2015 8:27 AM
59 degrees. 64 degree air temp. Lots of wind.