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San Carlos
AirOn - 7/18/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Travel
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San CarlosTook the July 2007 San Carlos trip with Oasis, for my open water checkout dives. Completed my dives. Shore Dives off the Hotel and Boat dives at Martini Cove. Still had time for 2 (Boat) sport dives off Little Waterfall and 1 (Boat) night dive off Deer Island. I can confirm the disposable Fuji water cameras (rated for 35 feet) are good down to 50 feet. Another guy on the trip can confirm... They do not howeverwork to 100 feet. There are a number of other sites and attractions around the little area there too. Though they don`t appear to be developed or marketed very much. From the hiking trail to the top of one of the mountains. To the ruin and airfeild from the set of a movie named "Catch 22". There appears to be pleanty of reasons to make return trips here.


AirOn - 7/26/2007 12:00 AM
PS: Paragraphs would be nice for the blogs.
AirOn - 7/26/2007 12:00 AM
The food was good and the water clean, first time to Mexico ok. The town has been upgraded to help visitors from getting "tourista." The hotel had a second tap on the sinks with filtered water. Joe`s Restaurant at the hotel was very good. I had the Salmon. John Abbot (dive instructor) introduced us to a Mexican wine. It was like a merlo with a little more fruityness? Pretty good though. It was a great follow up to sucking on a salty regulator. Next day I had the Carne Asada tacos at grill off a little bar near the hotel pool. They were GREAT. That night the only thing left open was a Pizza stand off another bar inside the hotel. A little different but the pizzas were not bad. Ate at a few other places around there and I was very happy with all of them. Even the snacks on the Ocean Spirit between dives were good! Not limited to just fresh fruit and cookies. Besides the great scuba experience and conditions, the food was worth the trip too.
AirOn - 7/26/2007 12:00 AM
The only negative on the trip... US customs, that made us unload the entire bus ourselves and then reload the entire bus in the rain. That was only topped by the AZ DOT making us wait for over 3 hours after the customs fun. The shop owner Amy, who set up the trip, was so mad (very uncommon for her) that she was trying to figure out how to bust into the DOT building to get them to release us. When they finally came out to stop her, they claimed it was due to running the DOT stamps on all the scuba tanks... They didn`t even pull the numbers on the tanks, that was BS. I guess its a crap shoot if you get the DOT inspection on the busses or not. The driver had said it happens time to time but never that bad of a wait time. They inspected and passed probably 10 to 12 trucks in that period that arrived after us. All in all though it didn`t ruin the trip, just made us want to write a few letters