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JENNY from  AZ | Scuba Diver

Hi, I’m Jenny!
I’ve been diving now for a few decades...and I’d just about rather dive than eat! I have been found to be doing back summersaults and twirls while on a safety stop...or hovering 4" above a large contented turtle, or playing chicken with a nurse shark coming toward me (I always win). To me, the joy I feel in the ocean supersedes almost everything above it. There is nothing like the peace of being suspended, buoyant, surface-faced with the sun’s rays filtering down upon me...Heaven has to smile at that kind of joy. Indeed.
I’m actually an AZ/NM cattle rancher...but I loved Sea Hunt and Cousteau like crazy growing up! I love tropic water. Been to Catalina Island in the kelp...interesting, but NO. I have to say, I’m a warm water and hammock-under-a-palm lover. Most of my diving has been up and down Hawaii’s Kona coast and in the Florida Keys. Though, I have been a couple of times for a week or two in Cozumel and love it there. Hard to beat it... crystal water with friendly critters and affordable diving and accommodations!! And, a few others... I mostly go where I can get a free flight with points...but I DO have a dream list which includes, but never limited to, Fiji, Bonaire, Philippines and Belize/Honduras. Oh yea, a little island off Recife, Brazil... Hoping to venture out and hit some great new places in the next several years if possible! Most of my family dives, but they are all so busy with young kids of their own. Be fun to just have another diveaholic gal or group of guys and gals for a buddies to travel and dive with a couple times a year...