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Ty - 7/07/2006 3:26 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 6

I have a divebuddy who uses Apollo and he loves it, but they`re very expensive-$1500. Sea Doo has one for $400 and another $500. They also have a brand new one I saw at Diversdirect by Bass Pro shops for $900. I`ve also seen one on Ebay that looks identical to Sea Doo, but its called Xtreme X-151 and sells for only $225 (incl. shipping). With such drastic differences in prices, I`m wary about either buying a cheap toy or wasting my money on an overly expensive unit. I`d appreciate some feedback from anyone with a scooter ie durability, run time, pulling power etc.
Greg - 9/11/2006 6:03 PM
I`ve seen scooters for sale at Sams Club before for around $250...but I don`t have any comments on which ones are best.
Andy2525 - 11/12/2006 8:48 PM
DO NOT GET THE X151 SCOOTER!!! It is a piece of crap. Very nice for a few months of use till the gears rust solid, since there is no grease at all in the gears when you get it new. Service with the company is horrible, and even though they say there is a lifetime warranty on the gears, good luck getting them to honner that.
ScubaRanger - 12/09/2006 6:11 PM
Ty ... don`t even think to spend less than 1,000 for a good scotter or you`ll get a "for kidz toy"... that`s the best advice I can give to you
bushwacker4u - 2/13/2007 3:09 PM
ty have you tried looking at they offer some good deals on equiptment. I had gotten diversupply to come down to $249 on a computer that they offered at $329 in which normally sold at $438. not the top of the line computer but was cressi sub, and diversupply is true to their "not to be undresold policy". go ahaed and try leisurepro and diversupply or maybe its diverssupply with two ss
Ty - 3/23/2007 7:34 AM
Update: I finally bought a Torpedo 2000 and I`m very happy with it. While not exactly cheap at $750, it works great. Additional Torpedo models offer more power, but a lower run time of 50 minutes. Mine goes almost an hour and a half before the torque is too low to use. I can get 2 boat dives or 1 long shore dive which is perfect for me. I think the key is the battery amps. The Torpedo uses a 12 volt 33 amp hour battery. As far as speed, it`s not a speed demon, but it will keep up with a fit diver kicking all out at 100 %.
NWKatShark - 4/02/2007 8:05 PM
DON`T BUY A SEADOO COPY!!!!!!!! I purchase and rebuild Seadoo VS models and have received a lot of copies that people have had "breakdown". The problem with the copies it they are made from inferior plastics that are soft and warp easily, breaking critical seals. This, in turn, floods either the motor or battery, rendering your scooter into a doorstop. I dive a drysuit, pony bottle, 2 dive lights and camera with my Seadoo VS and though I have to kick a little, it still extended my tank time by 50%. I bought my first one, and still my primary VS scooter, 3 years ago. It`s still ticking and I love it for the $375.00 I paid for it. I`m not saying it`s bulletproof, you have to take care not to drop them or leave them lying around incorrectly. For $400.00, you can`t beat it.