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sea doo sea scooters
Bruno - 10/01/2008 5:28 PM
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Category: Equipment
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sea doo sea scootersHere is my SeaDoo VS scooter during my recent 3 day trip to Channel Islands. The scooter will actually work just fine the way it comes out of the box, I have only done a few minor changes. 1st: I have removed the protective grills, front and back. I like the prop to be accessible, and it allowed me to attach the tow cord by running it through the shroud. Total length of the cord is 51 inches. 2nd: Under the black shroud cover, there are a rectangular shape foam pieces for added flotation. To get the scooter trimmed horizontally, I removed the foam from the bottom section of the shroud, only leaving 14 pieces at the upper hemisphere of the shroud. 3rd: The flotation chamber - measure 80 Mm down, from the top rim. Make a mark. Fill with water up to this mark. This way the scooter is well trimmed horizontally, slightly negative in fresh water and neutral in sea water. Next time I go diving, I will fill the chamber with Tequila, instead of water. (For some obvious advantages.) The compass mounted on top of the shroud is effected by the magnetic field of the motor, which makes it unusable. Too bad! Neither it can be mounted on top of the handle bars, there are strong magnets there also. It would be nice to have a compass on the scooter, but I don’t know where else to put it. I would love to hear from other divers about their experience diving with SeaDoo’s. In my next blog, I will share my own experience from about 20 dives I have done with my VS and GTI scooters, as well the Explorers that my buddies are diving with.