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Sea Tiger Wreck, Oahu
okmister1 - 6/14/2007 12:00 AM
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Sea Tiger Wreck, OahuThe Sea Tiger is a nice wreck to dive. Not a spectacular one by any stretch of the imagination but a nice one. She sits in just over 120 feet of water at the bottom and you can touch her at around 80 feet when you descend on the wreck. She hasn`t been down for very long so she is still structurally sound and not to overgrown or corroded. Of course that means not as many fish as on some other wrecks but she`s an excellent site for training on diving a relatively deep wreck. I used this site for most of my dives for the deep and wreck specialties.

She is a 168 foot long former refrigerator ship that I`m told was involved in smuggling illegal aliens which led to her seizure and later sinking as a reef in 1999. You can still see the refrigerator coils in her holds that can be accessed as easy swim throughs by entering the large hatches on her deck. There are other easy entrances in the superstructure and you can penetrate deeper into the wreck. It`s relatively clean. She used to be the site of submarine tours but now they visit the YO 257 and San Pedro instead.

There are several animals that can regurally be found on the wreck, including Morays, Octopus and a good sized Turtle. While I was doing my penetration and reel drills during my wreck specialty course, I saw my instructor signaling about something behind me. I couldn`t figure out what he was worried about since I wasn`t drifting and I had checked to make sure I wouldn`t be tangled on anything. Just as I got ready to turn around and see what the big deal was, that turtle knocked me on the head and back as it swam through the pilot house.

I hit this site often enough in the week I dived that area to almost be bored with it. Dive Oahu didn`t like to do the YO 257 due to the current that was often found on that site. The Sea Tiger is a much calmer location.


Greg - 6/28/2007 12:00 AM
Could you edit this blog and add the map location so we know were this dive site is located?