MrAnthony - 4/16/2018 10:49 AM
I can tell you what PSI standards are.

You punch the current month. Example, this month I punch 04/2018 on the VIP sticker.

Punching "the next month" would be illegal as that is a statement that says the cylinder was inspected next month. I have no way to state with any accuracy that a cylinder will be safe to use next month. I can only state that the cylinder in front of me is safe to use right now. What sort of defense would I use in court if you brought me a cylinder with a VIP sticker punched 07/2018 and todays date was 06/2018 and it exploded? I suspect the first thing the lawyer who was representing the guy who was suing me for $1,391,551,498,290,299,119 dollars would ask is, "What method do you think that the cylinder inspector used to inspect this cylinder in the future?" :)

Stickers can be "back dated" but they can’t be pre-dated.

Example...your VIP sticker expires on 02/2018 and your hydro expires 09/2018. Since the hydro expire will void the visual and require a new visual inspection, I can punch 09/2017 on your VIP sticker so your hydro and VIP will expire at the same time. The hydro guy is going to scrape the VIP sticker off anyway, so having a VIP sticker that expires after a hydro is pointless. Even though PSI says it’s "recommended practice" to punch a VIP sticker to expire on the hydro date expiration, I won’t do it. To me, that’s like falsifying a document. I know logic is that if the cylinder passes inspection today, it obviously passed inspection three months ago, but to me that implies that I inspected the cylinder on 09/2017, which I did not.

Again, that is how PSI teaches it. The guys certified by the "Youtube Cylinder Inspection" course might argue differently.

"The shop that wouldn’t fill my tank is now out of business."
The PSI, and general customer service "keep them happy" solution for that problem is, "Gee Mr. Customer. Your VIP sticker expired last week so I can’t fill this cylinder. But here, we’re gonna give you a rental cylinder for free and do your VIP while you’re out diving."

I’ve had customer get pissed off when I condemn their cylinder or tell them they have to spend another twenty bucks to tumble a cylinder. My first question is always, "Well why did you bring your cylinder in for inspection if you didn’t want to know the truth?" Trying to convince me to pass a cylinder where the valve is holding on by three threads is no different that just not getting a VIP.